Matchitecture is a new construction hobby concept using only microbeams also called... matchsticks!

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2016-In the exhibition "The Art of Play" at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Winner of "New York 2003 Prix d'excellence Museum Tour Catalog".

Winner of the "Toy of the Year Award 2001" in Belgium.


Creator [innovator] of MATCHITECTURE

Roland Quinton fondateurMy name is Roland Quinton.

I am always pleased to answer the numerous e-mails which I received since the very beginning of

Contrary to what many think, I am not an architect, but I am a pharmacist practising in Quebec (Canada). I began constructing with wooden matches and corks approximately 50 years ago. I was then 8 years old. We cooked using a gas stove and with the half burnt matches and corks I built little wooden figurines. I never lacked anything as, at that time, my father had a toy store.

Later, at about 15 years of age, I started to build a tower with very poor glue and absolutely no technique. I almost set fire to the house trying to remove the sulphur from the matches.

It was only at the age of 30 that I had tools made and created the construction Technique now used for Matchitecture. The matches then became Microbeams.

In the early 90's, I realised that I had the beginnings of a construction game and I thought of naming it Matchitecture.

I worked very hard with different teams to finally develop with BO-JEUX the fourth generation of Matchitecture and we are continuously improving it.

I created Matchitecture because, for me, building with microbeams is very exciting.
I wanted to share this passion with others.

The passion of a new way of building.
The passion for a game without any limits.
The passion to create...

...and we are now hundreds of thousands around the world!

Roland Quinton


Bojeux – Fabricator and distributor

The Company

Bojeux is a Quebec-based family business that designs, develops and produces stimulating, non-violent, hobby-style games and toys. Among other products, it is responsible for: Tutti Frutti, a well-known modelling dough; the Play Art line of creative toys; Matchitecture wood construction toys; Roll-O-Puzz, an accessory for storing puzzles; and Yum, a popular dice game. A proud ambassador for local toy production, the company continues to manufacture many of its games in Canada, like Matchitecture.

Besides fabricating its own lines, Bojeux is the Canadian distributor of the Ouaps (France) and Castorland (Poland) brands, Fischer Tip (Germany), etc.Bojeux’s toys and games are a part of Canada’s heritage. Whether at home or at a friend’s house, everyone has played with them. Bojeux will continue to make products that are fun for the whole family and make it possible for you to enjoy more precious moments with your loved ones.